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The following Terms and conditions for the use of the website (this website shall referred to as “Site” and this terms and conditions shall referred to as “Terms and Conditions”) are the rights and obligations applicable in PT Helloilmare Restorasi Indonesia (“Helloilmare”).

Please read this Terms and Conditions carefully. With the understanding of these Terms and Conditions by the Customer by continuing using our services, the Customer have read, agrees and approve to be bound to the Terms and Conditions and other provisions set forth by Helloilmare in connection with the implementation of the services in this Site. If Customer do not agree to the Terms and Conditions below, do not access this Site or any services thereof.


Copyright in the Site and the screens displaying the Site, and in the information and material therein and their arrangement, is owned by Helloilmare unless otherwise indicated.

Helloilmare, including its name, logo, and design are trademarks of Helloilmare are used and registered in Indonesia. Therefore the use of Helloilmare trademarks and copyrights is restricted without prior approval and agreements from Helloilmare.


Customer represents and warrants that the Site used by the Customer from a legitimate provider that support and can access the Site services. Unauthorized use of this Site and/or its services, including but not limited to unauthorized entry into information and/or data, misuse of passwords, or misuse of any services and/or information on this Site is strictly prohibited. Your eligibility for particular products and services is under the Terms and Conditions of the Products set in this Terms and Conditions.

All information contained in this Site is for general purpose only, and all information and services presented in this Site may change at any time set forth by Helloilmare discretion without further notice.


Customers are entitled to apply for services provided in this Site, however Helloilmare, on its own discretion reserves the right to make decisions in any form, and the Helloilmare did not give any warranties in connection with the application and/or services on this Site. However to provide best efforts to its Customers, Helloilmare could provide Customers with explanations.

Every efforts is made by Helloilmare in a reasonable effort to keep this Site can run smoothly, however Helloilmare will not be responsible for errors or omissions in this Site. No warranty of any kind, implied, expressed or statutory including but not limited to the warranties of non-infringement of third party rights, freedom from virus and applications that are not available for a while because of technical issues beyond the control of Helloilmare. Customer hereby agrees that Helloilmare at their own discretion has the right to terminate or suspend the Site service in the event of technical and non-technical, such as networking failure, and/or any difficulties indicated to any activities to breaking the law.


Without overruling other regulation which regulated within this terms and condition, terms and condition of the services is as follows:

  1. Helloilmare services
    • Our services is to perform repairment over sofa and/or chair, including reupholstery, foam replacement, slip cover installment and/or replacement, sofa fabric installment and/or replacement, and general repair over sofa and/or chair upon framework determined by Helloilmare.
    • To support services mentioned above, we also give consultation services through chat or home visit and other communication form from time to time determined by Helloilmare
    • We have tried to provide detailed explanation of our services in this website and/or specific explanation in terms of special order, therefore customer is considered understand our services when ordering.
    • Helloilmare provided services as written in booking order, which described in written by Helloilmare, therefore Helloilmare services cannot be considered more than explained above.
    • Because Helloilmare have explained our services thoroughly with good intention, upon further different interpretation of our services, thus Helloilmare is the rightful party to decided the scope of work for every services provided by Helloilmare.
  2. Terms of Booking Services
    • Every order must trough this website or consultation through our Customer Service/Sales Representative by filling in form and fulfill every requirements stated by Helloilmare.
    • Customer must ensure their order is appropriate, and responsible upon every order made.
    • Order adjustment can be done with provision that every adjustment resulting in cost adjustment, thus Helloilmare have the rights to adjust price according to services given.
    • Helloilmare entitled to set deadline for customer to exercise order adjustment and cost provisions apply from time to time without further notice. However, for customer satisfaction, we will convey updated provisions about this in our website.
  3. Service provisions and service settlement
    • Services considered starting after Helloilmare acquired item to be done in customers location, or in case of services at Helloilmare site, is after item received in Helloilmare site.
    • Each party must agreed upon time, and site of services or pick up time.
    • In case of Helloilmare and Customers cannot determine time as mentioned above, then Helloilmare has the rights unilaterally without obligation to compensate to Customers to cancel order and/or services.
    • In case there is scheduled time determined above, but canceled or request for reschedule by other party, then each party will try to determine new schedule with good intention. But with ground of Helloilmare judgment that services could not be resolved and/or taking too long, then Helloilmare have the rights unilaterally without any obligation to compensate to customer, to cancel order and/or services.
    • Services done in schedule agreed by both party within timeframe according to Customers order.
    • Customers agreed-upon delay in services does not result in compensation from Helloilmare to customers, but as a services company, we always keeping the best efforts in our services.
    • Customers considered understand every service Helloilmare provide, including but not limited on understanding result concept offered by Helloilmare, therefore to avoid doubt about our services is as determined by Helloilmare, and Customers can ask for explanation before service starts.
    • Addition and/or service adjustment after service starts can only be done upon Helloilmare approval, and additional cost may apply according to Helloilmare provisions.
    • Services considered done after Helloilmare confirmed services done. In case Customers not satisfied with our services, does not revoke Helloilmare rights to declare service done.
    • To maintain our service quality, we will always perform survey or inspection after our services done. Customer have the rights to make a complaint upon service quality, to do further inspection. To avoid confusion, this provisions does not promise every customer complaint considered approved.
    • In our own goodwill, if customers not satisfied and request for repairment and/or adjustment on service result, then Helloilmare can perform repairment and/or adjustment again, so as repairment and/or adjustment upon services rightfully belong to Helloilmare to determine service result with the rights of Helloilmare fully if required to add additional cost.
  4. Pick up and delivery item provisions
    • Pick up and delivering item in order of service execution may cost additional fees required to be paid by customers and due to Helloilmare provisions.
    • Item delivery can be risky, therefore it is suggested to use delivery insurance. In case of damage by force majeure, accident, and other unforeseen circumstances, if not insured, Helloilmare does not held responsible, but in good faith willing to re-do given services with special cost.
    • Responsibility in item pick up and delivery including delivery process or any acts against the law which is conducted by courier (e.g theft or vandalism) lie on courier services. But Helloilmare will mediate in good faith to solve problem between customers and courier services.
    • Item delivered after services upon agreed schedule by both party, however upon Helloilmare consideration that agreement not yet reached, or time submitted by customer is too long, then Helloilmare have the right to state Customers acquire daycare services and will charge extra fees for that services, or without customer approval deliver item to Customers site accompanied by local securities forces and Customers agree, fully understand, and responsible entirely and relieve Helloilmare upon probable risk of that process.
  5. Payment Provisions
    • Payment must be done by customer with certain amount and time stated in the bill issued by Helloilmare along with adjustment and/or addition (if any).
    • Late payment gives Helloilmare the right to impose penalty determined entirely by Helloilmare.
    • Unresolved obligation by Customers give retention rights to Helloilmare upon item subject to our services.
    • Payment service in this website using payment method including but not limited to internet banking. Helloilmare with its own consideration have the rights to change payment method within this services.
    • Customers must make sure every instruction given has been run correctly in carrying out website service, including but not limited to detailed information give to us is right, exact, and accurate, any customer error be the responsibility of the customer and any services carried out cannot be returned.
    • Payment procedure following provisions apply in Helloilmare and/or related payment service provider. Payment services provided in this website is charged whose value is determined by Helloilmare and/or bank.
    • In case of fraud or unauthorized use by third party, customer must contact bank immediately after aware of the breach. Helloilmare have the right to halt any services and/or asking for additional document and/or additional verification deemed necessary by Helloilmare, with notification to customer.
  6. Guarantee Provisions
    • Helloilmare in good faith giving limited guarantee to sewing and gluing result in services. To prevent doubt, matters related to fabric quality such as endurance and color does not included.
    • Guarantee given limited to deficient service result, limited to any damaged caused by workmanship error not by different result to sample image, fabric selection error, order sparseness including but not limited to deficient service result caused by sparseness of sponge material ordered by customer (or anything akin)
    • Guarantee implementation applied if Helloilmare approve the condition and incident upon service result, through survey and inspection after service done.
    • Guarantee implementation is to repair any mistake, to prevent doubt, customer do not have the rights to demand alteration of service result which different than original order, except upon Helloilmare approval and may charge additional fee.
  7. Reimbursement Provisions
    • Every reimbursement to customer upon Helloilmare cancellation is held without interest and/or compensation whatsoever.
    • Helloilmare cannot be charged upon reimbursement postponement caused by unverified reimbursement recipient bank account and/or reimbursement recipient party.


Any reliance on such information is at Customer’s own risk. Helloimare is not responsible for any loss or damage to or loss of any kind arising in connection with any activities conducted with the use of this Site.

Under no circumstances, Helloimare will not be liable and/or responsible for any loss or damage to or loss of any kind arising from or in connection with the use of this Site, and Helloimare will not responsible to any indemnity and/or liability of any kind for any claim, risk, and demands that arise if Helloimare is not able to perform the service and/or the provisions set forth in these Terms and Conditions, either in full or in part due to causes beyond Helloimare control, including but not limited to, equipment failure, power failure, force majeure, or government policy.

Customers shall release Helloimare and responsible to indemnify in full to the Helloimare, if there are claims from third parties, loss, payment, and the cost of whatever happens, experienced or submitted to ACC at any time and from time to time, directly or indirectly related to the Services and/or this Site, including but not limited to the cost of legal counsel and court costs incurred by Helloimare.


Any costs arise and caused by third-party services (e.g., mobile provider operators, banks, and government agencies) in connection with the use of the App Service is Customers fully obligation to be fulfilled, including but not limited to data costs, charged to Customers for the use of this Site.

Helloimare has the right to determine, change, add or remove any costs associated with the Services carried out in this Site, by giving prior notice to Customer in accordance to the applicable laws and regulation.


This Site may contain links to web sites/application controlled or offered by third parties. Helloimare hereby disclaims liability for, any information, materials, products or services posted or offered at any of the third party sites/application linked to this Site. By creating a link to a third party web site/application, Helloimare does not endorse or recommend any products or services offered or information contained at that web site/application, nor is Helloimare liable for any failure of products or services offered or advertised at those sites/application. Such third party may have a privacy policy different from that of Helloimare and the third party website/application may provide less security than this Site.


For the use of some or all services, Customer acknowledges and agrees to give Helloilmare some necessary information (which may constitute personal data) while Helloilmare will maintain the confidentiality of such information in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. If deemed necessary by Helloilmare for the benefit of the above as well as for the marketing of services of Helloilmare or products and services of other parties to cooperate with the Helloilmare, Customer agrees that Helloilmare can use all the data and information of Customers obtained by Helloilmare, including but not limited using Customer personal communication device, as well as allowing such data and information to be given to other parties who cooperated or appointed by obtained by Helloilmare.


If Customers have questions about the Site please contact our Sales Representative or email to:

These Terms and Conditions is made in Indonesian and English, in case of any difference in the understanding/interpretation between Indonesian and English version, then the understanding/interpretation of the Indonesian language shall prevail.

Use of this Site shall be govern to the law and regulation in Indonesia.

Any disputes arising from and/or relating to the implementation of these Terms and Conditions, to the extent possible solved by consensus. If settlement by consensus is not reached, the dispute shall resolved through a court in the South Jakarta District Court, without prejudice to the right of Helloilmare to file charges through other dispute resolution institutions including but not limited to through alternative dispute resolution.

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